Referring Vets

As a nights-weekends-holidays practice, we see ourselves as extensions of your practice.

After we see one of your patients, you will receive an email with a summary of their visit, as well as full documentation as an attachment. Because we use Cuattro's Cloud DR, we will also be providing a link to your patients' radiographs and ultrasound studies, so that you can reap the full benefit of viewing the super-high resolution image and manipulating it with the same tools we have.

We are excited to announce that our Patient Portal is available for all of our referring practices. This allows you to get updates on your patients as they happen and, through this website, access records of your patients that we see! You will also be able to refer patients much more easily through this same portal. We are very excited about this revolution in communication!

While our communication with you is important, this conversation is a two-way street. If  you have referred patients to our emergency service but have not filled out a questionnaire, please fill out this brief, 10-easy-question form. This helps us understand your needs, and the best way to communicate with you when we refer your patient back to you.

Download the referral form here.