COVID-19 update

YES, we are open and accepting patients!

The outbreak of the novel virus COVID-19 has presented challenges to all of us. To protect the pet-owning public, as well as our staff, we have taken the following steps, effective immediately:

  • When you get to FEPC, please call us at 469-287-6767 (add our contact info to your phone with the QR code at right before you leave the house). We will get the full story of what is happening over the phone.
  • Bring your pet to the front door (please have pets either on a leash or in a carrier), and we will have a staff member escort your pet to the treatment room. You can then return to your vehicle – we are not welcoming pet owners inside our building at this time, for your own protection. Carriers will be brought to the front door immediately.
  • We will advise you whether you should stay in the area. When possible, we will recommend that you go home, but this will depend on our caseload/wait time, the severity of your pet’s condition, and the distance to your home.
  • Once our doctors have had a chance to assess your pet, they will call you to discuss diagnostic steps or recommended treatments, as well as estimated costs.
  • Visitation of hospitalized animals will not be allowed as long as this policy is in force.

These measures will almost certainly increase wait time, which will also be affected by staffing levels (which may be affected by illness or providing care for children that are now home-schooled). We appreciate your patience – we recognize how stressful it is to visit an emergency facility, and we will do everything we can to minimize the stress on you, and your pet.

We are frequently faced with helping people make very difficult end-of-life decisions and helping our clients through the process of euthanasia. Pet owners going through this process will be allowed inside to be with their pets. Rest assured, we will take all reasonable precautions, including disinfecting the consultation rooms between client visits.

We will get through this, together.